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Rap Rock

IcePhixia was put together by Izak Smit - Lead guitarist and Jaco Smit - vocalist in 1995. IcePhixia have mastered the rap rock art commonly known as numetal. Enjoy the site and download some rap rock songs and rap rock videos.
Techno Songs

Dream Techno is Back in South Africa
Remember the days of Robert Miles? What ever happend to dream techno? It is about time someone brought the scene back! and who better than IcePhixia who has been through the techno rave music era writing and experimenting for years in the studio to master the art of techno?

Downloadable Techno Songs
We have many downloadable techno songs and videos you can listen to. This is proudly south african music, Dream techno like robert miles and moby is back on the map and this time born in the south african music scene.


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