IcePhixia was put together by Izak Smit - Lead guitarist and Jaco Smit - vocalist in 1995. Their music was partly influenced by electronica. The band later progressed and incorporated rock, rap and midi. In 2000 their brother Andre Smit – rhythm guitarist and Ettiene Le Roux – bass guitarist joined the band.
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The music is based on everyday experiences and mostly focuses on the rage against materialism and a struggle for individualism.

The electronics in the music creates a dreamy atmosphere while the urgent cutting guitars keep a sense of anger. The vocals are dynamic yet powerful with lyrics that are poetic describing the pain and anger most of us experience in life with a touch of hope. IcePhixia is currently busy with their 1st album BeFreezed which has been in progress for 6 years.

Well known single tracks are “Throw Myself Away” , “Just One Day” and “Urban Generation” .The band is also busy with a music video for the track nowhere to be released early October. “Just one day” had radio play on Tuks FM and UJFM while “Throw myself away” are playing on various internet radio stations with over 10 000 downloads world wide.