IcePhixia was put together by Izak Smit - Lead guitarist and Jaco Smit - vocalist in 1995. Their music was partly influenced by electronica. The band later progressed and incorporated rock, rap and midi. In 2000 their brother Andre Smit rhythm guitarist and Ettiene Le Roux bass guitarist joined the band.
Urban Prophecy

Urban Prophecy focuses on the rage against materialism and a struggle for individualism. It also focuses on emotional pain most of us can relate to. The words are cynical and skeptical but the music is urgent, colorful fast paced and dreamy to create a perfect blend of styles.


Nowhere - [click to play]
Becomes One - [click to play]
IcePhixia VS Beastie Boys New York - [click to play]
Synaptic - [click to play]
The World we Know - [click to play]
Titans of the Planet - [click to play]
Slow Dreamer - [click to play]
Forever - [click to play]
Just One Day - [click to play]
Railroad Whispers - [click to play]
Urban prophecy preview - [click to play]
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